Empowering Youth

Every new generation grows into maturity imbued with endless possibilities. Dreams, aspirations, and goals are met with realities and challenges. Parents and friends encourage us to make something of ourselves, and improve the environment and condition of the society and country we inherit.

With unlimited potential, and seemingly limited influence on the society around us, there is often a great risk to not grasp, to miss opportunities to make things better. But real happiness and fulfillment come to us by contributing, making things better, and adding to the rich fabric of our modern life. Better educated successive generations, and boundless opportunities provide us the chance to make positive changes, both individually in our own families and communities, and through the power of political action through community involvement and the voting booth. We can (and should) make positive differences in the world we are inheriting, regardless of how we view the current situation. We can do better, and must. Get involved and help improve our own lives and the lives of others. Never before has this generation been needed so keenly.


VAN wants to teach millennials to be good stewards and contributors to society, impacting America in every way as a leader. Entrepreneurship is a big idea that VAN instills in millennials. We encourage millennials to be who they aspire to be and contribute to society financially through philanthropic activities, affecting the civic process and truly have their voices heard.

The Economy and Jobs

Local, national and global issues challenge the best and the brightest among us to find solutions that improve life on our fragile planet.  VAN helps millennials create for themselves through entrepreneurship, the jobs and careers that are most satisfying and provide the best possible outcome for their lives, and the lives of loved ones.  This entrepreneurship creates economic freedom, which fulfills dreams and benefits all.  Economic freedom is the key to greater opportunity and an improved quality of life.  It is the freedom to choose how to produce, sell and use your own resources, while respecting other’s rights to do the same.  VAN promotes enthusiasm for civic and political activity locally and nationally, and encourages millennials to be further engaged in the political process which benefits the individual and society.  VAN is dedicated to the task of creating jobs and opportunities which fulfill the promise each generation possesses.

It is well known and frequently proven again and again, that service and philanthropic activities contribute greatly to personal happiness and success, and benefit one’s community.  VAN is creating tools which allow for creative expression and necessary income to sustain life and allow one’s potential to flourish.  There is a natural urging to give back to society and the community which have fostered opportunities for our generations.  Despite what many millennials think, older generations want and need to hear from us, through philanthropic and service offerings, as well as the ballot box and other political activities.  They know as we know, that we inherit the world as it is, and have the responsibility to improve it.  Abraham Lincoln purportedly said, “when I do good, I feel good,” and we should dedicate a portion of our energies and resources to the betterment of our communities as well as ourselves.  VAN desires to help us all to be able to look back on our lives, as Cicero said, to be “A life well lived.”